1. Name your template

    Add a name for the design that you are creating.

  2. Personalize the layout

    Edit the layout of the design by selecting a Width, background colour and texture or an image. You can also move around the elements of the design (i.e. categories, tabs, etc.) by clicking on them and dragging to where you need them.

  3. Complete the header

    Change the colour of the top menu in the header, add a logo, add your phone number, e-mail address, and link the social icons with your social pages. If you don't want any of these, you can simply turn them off.

  4. Create a slideshow

    You can create a banner slideshow on your design. If you add one image, it will be static, but if you add more images, they will rotate after each other.

  5. Personalize the inside of the page

    You can change here the font styles and colours that you want to use. You can also change the colour of the headers of the different boxes as well as the font and colour of the buttons on the side.

  6. Organize the categories

    You can reposition the category list on the side or hide it entirely if you do not need it. You can also enable and disable to show your shop categories. In case you have deleted or added categories to your store and they don't show up, you can reset the category list to show all the ones you currently have. If you want to promote best seller items, this is where you enable the Best seller box as well.

  7. Complete the footer

    Choose a font and a colour for the headers of the footer boxes. Also, you can add text for the Newsletter subscription and edit your company details for the contact.

  8. Choose additional details

    You can enable or hide additional boxes with information, like item specifics, feedback or the related items. If you don't need you can also disable the image gallery, the price buttons on the side, or the tabs with the related information (about us, shipping, etc.)

  9. Use extra features for the template

    Some extra features can be purchased: Seasonal backgrounds to get in the holiday spirit or a mobile responsive add-on to make your design mobile friendly, to show up correctly on any mobile device or tablet.

  10. Seasonal backgrounds

    Enable the seasonal background to theme your listing with the different holiday spirit.

  11. Take a look

    You can select one of your items and preview how it would look with the design that you just created. If you like what you see, you can save it, or if you want to discard the changes then click Exit.